Shooting with Jessy Jensen

Visiting English model Jessy Jensen recently found herself with day free while in Melbourne, so I took the opportunity to organise a short notice shoot at our studios. Jessy is on her way to LA to shoot for Playboy magazine next month and we wish her all the success with her shoot and first time in the USA.

Since we had nothing planned and the weather wasn’t condusive to shooting outdoors, I wanted to mix our shoot up and provide Jessy with some images a little different to your standard glamour sets. With limited time we worked quickly and below are a few from our shoot.

One week later a beach shoot, which had been long planned with Jessy and involved a large number of others, went ahead, despite Melbourne’s weather doing its usual thing. An afternoon of high winds and cooler temperatures made it nearly impossible for Jessy to actually enjoy that shoot and we had to cut it short as light was fading, with no chance of the weather improving. But its as a beautiful location with a beautiful model – thanks Jessy for giving it your best on the day.

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