Ivana Down Under

Visiting European model Ivana graced us with her presence recently at one of Melbourne’s premier back beachs. While the weather wasn’t ideal we made the best with what we had and Ivana was a true professional pushing on even when her toes were very cold (see image captured by photographer Terrence Credlin).

While shooting stills we managed to shoot some video. This is the shorter version / edit of the full 5 min video from our shoot with Ivana also found on our Vimeo page. NSFW so if nudity offends please don’t watch.

While trying to keep Ivana in the sun, out of the wind but remembering we wanted the best light and backdrop for our images it proved a constant challenge. In the end it’s all about collaboration, attitude and team work. Thanks to Ivana for a memorable shoot wishing you well on the rest of your Australian tour and hoping you’ll be gracious to visit us again Down Under in the near future.





10 Year Anniversary Shoot

It’s been a collaboration running for just over 10 years.  We (Katie and I) first shot Sheridan 10 years ago on a very cold and wet Ballarat day early in 2006.  Ten years on in early September not a lot has changed, weather wise that is.  Sheridan is the founder and owner of One Trick Pony Clothing as well as a progressive DJ ready to embark on a mini tour of China this year.  

With both of us are time poor these days and getting the time to get together to shoot juggling family and work has it’s challenges.  However we found a free day and because of the weather decided to shoot fashion indoors in Ballarat.  We have a iBook underway showcasing our 30 plus shoots over this 10 year period we hope to complete this year.  Sheridan we appreciate your friendship as well that of your family and we wish you all the best for your forth coming China tour.



Our Man in Havana

Congratulations to Lyric Opera Melbourne for their recent successful performances of Our Man in Havana at the Atheneum, Melbourne.
Were just finishing post production of the vision captured as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival’s performance.  ABC Classic FM recorded the performances and will be putting to air later this year for all those Opera fans who couldn’t make one of the live performances.  Great reviews by all the major news organisations received.

Lyric Opera of Melbourne is proud to presnt the first Australian production of Malcolm Williamson’s black comedy / spy thriller ‘Our Man in Havana’. 

Based in the Graham Greene novel and the film staring Alec Guiness, Havana is a mastpiece  of music and theatre by one of Australia’s greatest and most neglected composers.
Lyric are transforming the Comedy Club on Collins St into a seedy Cuban den of cocktails and crooners. With a top shelf cast and creative team, Havana will be the unmissable event of the year. 

Shooting with Jessy Jensen

Visiting English model Jessy Jensen recently found herself with day free while in Melbourne, so I took the opportunity to organise a short notice shoot at our studios. Jessy is on her way to LA to shoot for Playboy magazine next month and we wish her all the success with her shoot and first time in the USA.

Since we had nothing planned and the weather wasn’t condusive to shooting outdoors, I wanted to mix our shoot up and provide Jessy with some images a little different to your standard glamour sets. With limited time we worked quickly and below are a few from our shoot.

One week later a beach shoot, which had been long planned with Jessy and involved a large number of others, went ahead, despite Melbourne’s weather doing its usual thing. An afternoon of high winds and cooler temperatures made it nearly impossible for Jessy to actually enjoy that shoot and we had to cut it short as light was fading, with no chance of the weather improving. But its as a beautiful location with a beautiful model – thanks Jessy for giving it your best on the day.

You can follow Jessy on twitter at https://twitter.com/jessyjensen?lang=en and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jessyjensen1591/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessy.jensen.507

Frankston Festival Christmas Parade

The Angels from Stilttainment recently found themselves leading the way at the annual Frankston Festival Christmas Parade.  Chrissy and Kelly Anne, our Angels, walked several kilometres and up a steep hill to where the parade came to an end.  The Angels mixed with the crowds for photo opportunities with the families and children and the occasional dog.  The weather was amazing and so were the crowds.  Enjoy a brief video taken on the day.

Stilt Divas take to the foreshore

Up at 4am to meet at 5.30am for a 4hour drive. 2hrs of filming then the 4hour drive home – that was my Sunday. I was with Kelly and Chrissy from Stilt Divas and we were heading to the Yarrawonga Mulwala Foreshore Markets. There would’ve been well over 40 stores and 500 hundred people passing through in the time we spent there. With pending thunder storms we were a little worried about the weather but it held off until our drive home.

The stilt divas started off with their show with a ‘Girl Carnival’ theme, including the giant wings, always a hit with the adults. They then changed and armed with their giant cricket bat and tennis racket went into a sports look. The kids absolutely loved it, jumping up to give the girls high fives whenever possible. The event is well run, well attended and all those visiting were incredibly nice to us. Stilttainment will be back at the foreshore on Saturday 5th December for the Christmas Market Stalls to entertain again.

Coober Pedy to Home

The trip back from from Coober Pedy over two days was uneventful which is what your after. Coober Pedy to Adelaide had the rest of the Australian Army travelling in convey which made over taking a regular occurrence along the Stuart Highway. Unfortunatley a combination of long tiring days and high wings mean’t only once we were able to get our aerial platform airborne. Since we were shooting for a European client sharing the images for now is not part of our contract.

What I can share is a little of our experience in the Outback. Travelling to Coober Pedy for a “family” vacation would have never been on my wish list. So I am thankful this project took me there. I met a local miner briefly one night before a BBQ over a beer. he had been there 40 years and remembers the town when population was over 30,000. Today it’s one tenth of that and that’s in the winter with around half of that again exiting in the summer months. He described the town as a place that was full of dodgy people, villains and those not wanting to be found. If you want to stay of the grid it’s a place to hide out.

It was interesting learning from some of the local miners some of the history and methods for Opal mining. It’s a harsh climate to work and live in. The flies, the bloody flies. I thought I had experienced flies up in the Victorian highlands at Mt Hotham were we used to do a lot of mountain bike riding. Large bush flies and the Bogong Moths. I was wrong as the Outback flies while small in comparison were in their hundreds and just never went away. File repellant was useless and you just had to learn to work with them.

As independent miners that work with little frame work around HSE and often 7 days a week. If they don’t find Opal then they don’t make any money. They literally live day by day. While as a artists we chase the next great image or painting there chasing the next big find. One night while having a few beers and cooking a BBQ was was given a tour of a miners dug out. His under ground home was an amazing cavern of rooms which he had personally dug out further after purchasing the dug out some years back. He had a long way to go to complete his dream but needed to hit payday with his mine to complete the renovations.


Eight days away with four hot and tiring seventeen hour days to complete the 16 shoots shot at 16 locations. There was a few changing to plans as several locations could not be achieved and several others are on my wish list to shoot at if I ever get the opportunity to return. The 6 weeks of planning was a crucial part of the overall success. We learn from the spirit of life and take from that what we can make better. There was learnings and given a bigger budget many of those changes could be made such as hiring a mobile home out of Adelaide or Melbourne as a mobile studio, additional crew to assist with the lighting, equipment maintenance and data acquisition. An extra day or two would have been ideal to allow for a rest days both model and photographer were exhausted and ready to thump each other, smiles.

To those whom my path crossed in the Outback thank you for sharing your time, hospitality and stories with me.

4 days of driving & 4 days of shooting – One Model One Desert

Were on a four day drive covering four thousand kilometers for four days of shooting. One model, one desert and one chance not to have forgotten any equipment. I had been commissioned to shoot a series in the desert with a model. We’ll be shooting stills, video and hopefully aerial video as well. Our journey will take us close to eight hundred kilometres from Melbourne to Adelaide were we’ll stay over night and then day two (today) the eight hundred and fifty kilometres to Coober Pedy.


I have arrived as they say. A fairly uneventful day one of travels with the unfortunate stop in a little town called Beaufort. The bakery’s till had jammed and I was unable to get a coffee. Having a good food supply from my local bakery early that morning all I needed was a coffee which was forgone. Coming back in thirty minutes was not an option. A old but clean motel close to heading out of Adelaide to Cober Pedy had been booked and I was lucky to get a room being a long weekend in Adelaide and the Australian Masters games were in town.

Getting away nice and early after loosing an hour for daylight saving time but picking up thirty minutes with a chance time to South Australian time I was underway. The Stuart Highway is essentially 8 hours of straight driving. Nothing to see and nothing to do. Time to crank up all those good Aussie bands (live recordings) and try and pass the time. I did see the following which kept me on my guard but fortunately no stray over grown rabbits (Kangaroo’s). Mind you mist of the drive up from Pt Augusta was thirty seven degrees celcius.

  • Solo walker – noted a guy wearing a full fly face mask hunched under a tree late afternoon trying to get shade.   He had what looked to be a trolley on bike wheels with all his gear on it.
  • 2 x solo bikes – At different times through the day but two solo bike riders loaded with gear heading to PT Augusta.
  • Road trains – Numerous road trains carrying all sorts of commodaties.
  • Grey Nomads – year your 4WD and Caravan.
  • Wicked –  backpacker vans with your o/s tourists. 
  • Super campers – Some tourists others wealthier grey nomads.
  • Australian Army – There was well over eighty vehicles from lad Rovers, Bush Masters, trucks and other support vehicles all heading towards Pt Augusta
  • Part of the Stuart Highway is also a run way for the Royal Flying Doctors (RFD) which may get used when there’s a need.
  • At one time I have to stop and allow not one but five Emu’s cross the Sturt Highway hoping the 4WD behind me would stop as well, which they did.

So not so boring day two. Now time to get some sleep and chat with our model about tomorrow’s schedule. Ohh and staying in a dug out, one of those underground houses is pretty cool too.

PLA 2015 Memorial Walk Victoria

PLA – Pregnancy Loss Australia – had their annual memorial walk at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster. Katie and I do many charity events, but this was the first time we had been involved with PLA. We were there to film the event on what was a warm Melbourne day with temperatures hitting the high twenties – a pleasant break from the winter temperatures we’ve been experiecing.

The event is now in its sixth year. Its incredibly well organised by Renee, the PLA Victorian coordinator, and her army of volunteers. There was a large turn out of support with well over five hundred people attending from 10am through the close at 2.30pm. There was an array of stores selling art and craft as well as food and beverages, and a jumping castle, pony rides, face painting and a petting zoo on hand to keep the kids out of trouble.

Just after lunch the memorial walk commenced with a large number of people walking around the lake. The butterfly memorial wall continued to grow throughout the day and late afternoon came the mass balloon release, symbolic of all the angel babies being remembered.

When preparing for the making of the video we came across a song on the PLA web site by artist Casey Barnes called Waiting on the Day. Casey is a PLA Patron and we couldn’t get the song out of our heads. We proceeded to cut a draft version of the track and sort out Casey’s approval to use the track. Casey was more than pleased for the song to be used for this video and we thank Casey for his support of PLA and allowing us to use the track. You can find Casey’s music on iTunes and check out his web site.

We hope you enjoy the PLA 2015 Memorial Walk video.